Sunday, August 20, 2006

Strawberry Lodge with Genie and Brian

Genie and Brian had the most beautiful wedding near Tahoe this weekend! Brian was raised in Alaska and Genie spent a lot of her childhood in the Tahoe area at her parent's cabin, so the Strawberry Lodge seemed the perfect choice for their wedding! In addition to Genie and Brian being an amazing couple, this wedding was especially fun for me because one of my favorite families was there. I've worked with the Spring family (yes, they're the nutty group below) for the last ten years. I've been honored enough to photograph all three daughter's weddings and am privileged to now be their friend (Tom and MaryBeth, I can't wait to visit you in DC next year after Ali graduates college!). Thanks to the Springs introducing me to Genie, I was lucky enough to be able to spend a great weekend capturing memories for Genie and Brian! Have a great time in Hawaii you two!

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Sam said...


It was so great to see you and Katie last weekend. I look forward to when you are down in the Bay Area and we can get together. We need to make sure we stay connected and I hope you are still taking photos when our kids get married, etc. And keep May/June of 2010 open for that 40th Anniversary in Hawaii (???) for Mom and Dad. Take care and thanks for being you!!

Sam Schumacher (formerly Spring)

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