Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November 1st, 1958

WHO ARE THOSE YOUNG KIDS!! In that photo, my mom is younger than my oldest daughter is right now! November 1st is my parent's 48th wedding anniversary! Wow, almost half a century!!! Because mom and dad travel the country and live in the fifth-wheel full time, they've had to give up a lot of their possessions, including most of their photo albums and tangible memories. Since I'm keeping all those goodies at my house, I decided to go on a little treasure hunt a few weeks ago. After scouring hundreds of slides and scanning in some really old photos, I think I struck gold! I wanted to give them something that would be special to them and would show them how much their four kids, and their families love them. Although they can't have their photos with them, at least they'll be able to look at this collection anytime they want. Wow, I just love the media and technology of the 21st century, it lets us relive our lives all over again in a great way! By the way, anyone who knows mom and dad well will recognize the first song!
  • What a life!

  • Thanks Mark, Kim and Steph for working so hard in getting me the photos I wanted; I know I didn't give you much time! Happy Anniversary mom and dad! Hey mom, say hi to Barbra for me, when you see her in a couple of weeks-wish I could be there with you!!


    barrfamily said...

    Deb, What a wonderful job you did. Mom and Dad will cherish all the memories! Thanks for sharing your great talent that you have!
    Love, Ron,Kim,Shelby and Amber

    cassmae15 said...

    WOW!!!!! these pictures are from like DAYS ago!!!!!!well these years go by so fast.

    Anonymous said...

    hey Aunt Debbie!!! It's Shelby...
    I absoutly love the pictures of Granny, Grandpa, and the entire family!! You did a great job!!! like cass said these pictures are from like DAYS ago!!!lol!!!!

    shelby aka shell

    Katie said...

    Great job, like always mom! I knew Granny would call you crying!

    Ali Brown said...

    Lucky duck, you made Gran-Dog cry! Haha, cuper cute mom, I screamed about 20 times.

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