Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007!

It's hard to believe 2007 is here and 2006 is just a memory! I hope you had a FANTASTIC 2006 and that 2007 will be even better for you. I had so many blessings in 2006, both professional and personal. In addition to my husband and our three wonderful daughters who I love more each day, I was blessed by getting to know all of you. Whether we worked together during your wedding; or I got to know your family during our portrait session together; or I worked with your little ones at their preschool; or any other number of ways, thank you for letting me into a little piece of your life. Photography allows me a unique opportunity where I get to work with people during some of the happiest occassions of their lives. I look at each of you with whom I've worked as part of my circle of extended friends and family. To all of you...past, present, and future "friends and family", here's to a happy, safe and healthy 2007!!!!

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