Saturday, May 26, 2007

On the move!!

If you are ever planning a trip to DC assume that it will be a little tiring. Although tiring, we have had a lot of FUN!! The last couple of days have definitely wore us out. On Thursday Ali and I toured the Supreme Court building. What an awesome experience. To be walking up the same steps as the Supreme Court Justices was very humbling.

After we picked Katie up at the airport we drove around town a little and had dinner at Banana Café. It was my first experience with Cuban food and it was DELICIOUS!!!

We visited the Awakening out at Haines Point. I couldn't get over the look of this statue. Take a look at his hand as it looks as if he’s reaching for the moon! By the time we got Louie at the airport and returned to our home base it was almost midnight.

We began our day on Friday by getting up at 5:30 so we could be in the city for our senatorial breakfast with Dianne Feinstein. Unfortunately, the morning didn’t go as planned, so we headed over to Union Station for a nice breakfast. After our tummies were full, we spent a couple of hours in unarguably the most beautiful building in the United States. If you have never been to the Library of Congress it is a “must see in DC”:)

I had no idea of the fascinating story of this astonishing structure. It was erected in the late 1800’s by a complete American design team. The team was constructed of unemployed architects in the Core of Army Engineers. It is very European looking in design and it was interesting to hear that all minds that went into this were from our original 48 states.
Although we could have spent all day at the library, we moved on to the Capitol Building. Unfortunately, because of 9/11 a ticket is needed to get into the building and we weren’t aware of that. We’re going to try again in a few days. We were all getting tired of walking at this point, so I left Louie, Katie and Ali at the Capitol and went to get the car. On my way back I met up with a little old lady who lived behind the Capitol and we began chatting. What a great conversation we had. It was fun to hear a little about her house (and what they sell for in that neighborhood). I think she got a kick out of the fact that I was from California where we don’t have nearly as much history as they do here in DC. It was fun to meet a local before I headed back to get everyone. We had a light lunch at a corner hot dog stand before we went to the National Archives. It was interesting to see the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I hope those documents will be around in another hundred years for future generations, but those founding papers are already quite faded. Hopefully the historians have taken enough precautions early enough to preserve them for many more centuries.
We wanted to treat Tom and Marybeth to a night where they were waited on, so we went back home and Katie and Ali cooked Ali’s special double-decker chicken nachos and a great salad. I think our hosts enjoyed having a night away from the kitchen
Well, today proves to be another exhausting day-both emotionally and physically. We're beginning our morning with a nice leisurely brunch at our new fave--the Busboys and Poets Cafe...We’ll be touring the Holocaust Museum in a couple of hours and I don’t think any of us are prepared for what’s in store for us. Tonight we’ll be viewing the memorials at sunset-I can’t wait to get some more photos of these extraordinary structures at such a beautiful time of day!

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