Monday, June 04, 2007

A wedding like no other...

Well, this post is a little out of order, but I HAD to post some wedding photos unlike any I’ve ever done before. Our first night in NYC we went to see Tony and Tina’s Wedding. It’s a play that’s been going on for close to 20 years (similar to Beach blanket Babylon in SF). Tony and Tina’s Wedding is an interactive play that portrays two Italian families and the wedding of their children. It was HILARIOUS!!

When we first arrived we were greeted like family. Everyone in the cast played a role and the audience members were the wedding guests. We were the “family from the west coast” and got seated at the bride’s family table. It is EXTREMELY interactive and I was encouraged to bring my camera. The “play” begins the minute the “guests” walk through the door. The ceremony was something that I hope I never see at one of my client’s weddings—quite unorthodox.

We were invited to dance at the reception by one of the “groomsmen” and the “coordinator”. In fact, one of the guys that Ali danced with came back at the end of the evening and “proposed” to her. There were some VERY strange people in these “families”; and the “professional” photographer who was there, ughh! (for all my clients who are reading this…don’t worry, I will NEVER dress like this for a wedding). As the evening went on, more “drinking” went on and tempers escalated; fights broke out, there was a little cake smashing, and some WILD behavior. Being that I’m a wedding photographer it was a lot of fun for me to watch this, although it made me a little fearful that there may actually be weddings like this that actually exist.

(I don’t want any of my clients getting the wrong idea about the type of weddings I photograph-ha ha) and all the events I photographed of this wedding are scripted and it was a LOT of fun! I just wanted to show you something that is a little (I mean A LOT) different than what you normally see from my wedding photographs.

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