Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lots of curls :)

Ashley and James were married at Lake Natoma Inn and the day could not have been more perfect! One of the things that struck me when I met the two of them was their sweetness. They are truly two gentle souls. Ashley and James are so adorable and look like a couple of teenagers in love :) Ashley and James met while both working for the century theatres and one of the the things that really caught James' attention about Ashley were her curls. She has such beautiful hair, and she looked exquisite today. They were surrounded by so many family and friends and the two of them are so blessed to have so many grandparents. Ashley's grandfather walked her down the aisle and then told all of us during the reception about Ashley, and her twin sister, Amber's, precarious entry into this world. Life is full of blessings and Ashley and Amber are two of their family's biggest blessings. Ashley and James are looking forward to a relaxing honeymoon in Oregon while taking in a Shakespeare play in Ashland. Surrounded by so many loving family members and friends I know the two of them will have a long and happy life together!

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