Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy...times three

Well, I've arrived back home and am finally getting around to posting some more photos, as well as a slideshow, of my incredible weekend. I anticipated getting the rest of these posted the other day, but internet access in the room was very slow, and then Tuesday was spent doing all the things that are required when you've been on vacation for a while.

At some point I became the driver of the weekend; although I didn't mind because it meant I could pull over at any point to get some photos :) I don't remember who it was, but one of my passengers referred to our travels as "Driving Miss Daisy" :) It was nice to drive so that the ladies could all relax and enjoy the scenery.

Sunday morning began with my mom, my aunt and I hitching a ride on one of the Pink Jeep tours. Karla opted to stay back at the room and enjoy a nice relaxing jacuzzi. What an experience the jeep ride was! We went to places that I would never have imagined any four-wheeled vehicle could travel. The view from the areas we stopped were breathtaking! I would never have imagined how gorgeous rocks can be! After we went back to the room to get cleaned up and pick up our other passenger, lunch was in order. If you're ever in Sedona you must try some Cactus Fries...mmmm, mmmm, good; deep fried cactus strips are delicious! After lunch (and more shopping), The Daisies and I did more sightseeing as we drove to Cathedral Rock. We all agreed that our trip to Slide Rock on Saturday was far more spectacular; even though Cathedral Rock is the most photographed area in Sedona.

We all hated to see the long weekend wind down, but we sure do have a lot of great memories. I still smile when I think about some of the things we talked and joked about. We kept our weekend going as long as possible and stopped for lunch just before I had to get on the plane.

It was a great weekend with three of my favorite people in the entire world! As I've gotten older I think the times I spend with my mom and aunt are so much more precious; and the trip was made even better by getting to spend some great time with Karla as well. I think we all tend to go through our busy lives and we don't enjoy things the way we should. Life gets in the way, so it's nice to be able to enjoy some wonderful times with the people who are so important in one's life. We're talking about doing it again next year, so I hope things work out that we can make this a regular event...we all need it!!! Now that the trip is a memory I was trying to figure out my favorite part of the weekend. Although my mom said she was looking forward to watching me take photos all weekend, I actually really enjoyed watching the three of them taking photos as well. They took a couple pages from my book, asked me questions, I offered advice, and I got such a kick out of watching them take that information and run with it.:) I can't wait to see all the photos they're going to be taking with their "new eyes". Enjoy the slideshow and see why I had so much fun! I love the song I used; the message is about taking life a little slower and enjoying it!!

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Those little dogs are so cute! And I love those margarita glasses and you are all so cute. Beautiful pics, but Granny looks high and auntie looks drunk in that last one of the two of them, haha.

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