Monday, April 28, 2008

No April showers here!

Saturday was an amazing day in so many ways; extraordinary location, phenomenal people, fun, nice weather and good food! It was a beautiful April day at Empire Mine and Kaatri and Mark could not have asked for a more spectacular location for their wedding. It really was an appropriate destination for the two of them because they love being outdoors-as a matter of fact, their first date was an all day ski trip. I have photographed at the mine a few times, but have never been fortunate enough to photograph a ceremony there...until now! I only met Kaatri and Mark a couple of months ago, but it certainly didn't feel like it. They are two of those people who just make you feel at ease when you're around them. I think some of the best times I have photographing a wedding is when the wedding party is so much fun; and did that hold true in this case! This group of people could not have been more fun, and amiable, to work with. It seems like the more fun I was having coming up with ways to photograph them, the more adventurous they all got-especially the girls!! Also I wanted to send a personal thank you to Allison for referring this couple to me! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! :)

Kaatri and Mark first met when they were both working at a school. Mark's previous career was as a teacher and Kaatri came to the school as a mental health worker. As the story goes, they spent an entire year flirting with each other (and the idea of dating each other); it seems like the two of them were meant to be. I think one of the reasons the two of them are so perfect together is the love they both have for their families. Kaatri has a younger sister and 2 brothers who, as anyone who sees them together can see, she is crazy about. This fact was very obvious to me when we were doing photos prior to the ceremony, but it really came to light during Kaatri's sister's toast. It became very apparant to everyone in the room that Kaatri LOVES to take care of the people she cares about in her life. I also really loved watching the relationship Mark has with his family as well. The way he greeted his neice and nephew as they walked down the aisle was so adorable!! And, if that wasn't sweet enough the dance he and his mom did was wonderful! Being the huge Sound of Music fan that I am (my alltime favorite musical-with Hairspray running a VERY close second), I knew the minute he began dancing with his mom what he was doing. He and his mom danced the Austrian folk dance that was done in the movie. Not knowing the meaning behind Mark selecting this dance for his mom, I said to Mark's dad "Do I even WANT to know why he knows that dance and song?" :) I was envisioning Mark as a little boy watching the movie with his mom over and over again. However, in actuality, I found out Mark's mom is from Austria. What a wonderful thing for a son to do!!! Kaatri, you're a lucky lady to have married a guy so charming and thoughtful!

Kaatri and Mark, I had so much fun with the two of you and was so extremely honored to share your day with you. I know selecting a photographer was especially difficult for you, so I want to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to get to know the two of you and your families!! Have a GREAT time on your honeymoon!!!
Take a look at their slideshow and feel free to leave a comment for them.


Anonymous said...

Utterly beautiful Debbie, as usual!

~Ken S.

*********************** said...

Way to go mom. We- Megan, Noel and I loved it. The three sarcastic, cynical people were amazed. Good, good, good.

blakeandallison said...

Great Photos Debbie! I love your artistic eye! My wedding pictures are so boring and typical- these are great! Kaatri and Mark will love them!

Lindsey - Bridesmaid said...

Debbie, Your style is so fun, sophisticated, and creative - I wanted to watch the slide show over and over again! You captured some precious moments. Thanks for your fun and relaxed presence during the photos.

Claire said...

ps: as the date at which I will soon be living with your amazing daughter (and my adopted sister right?) soon approaches, is there anything I should know that could only be known by living with her!? Any deep dark secrets of habits? Hahahaha just kidding. The pictures on this blog are beautiful, the couple and the setting was gorgeous!

Kjerstin- sister of Kaatri said...


I love all the pictures that you took at my sister’s wedding. I watched the slideshow so many times and I showed it a lot to my friends! You did an awesome job!

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