Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cyberspace Love

Saturday was Ann and Clark's wedding (sorry, I'm behind a little this week). This is a love story that happened because of technology. Actually, if you believe that two people are meant to be together no matter what, then this newlywed couple would be together regardless. I have been looking forward to this wedding for almost a year! Ann and I were talking on Saturday and saying how we hit it off instantly. I said I think from the minute she walked in the door we just clicked. This bride is everything a photographer dreams of; sweet, beautiful (inside AND out), loves to smile, great personality, and fun to be around! I hadn't met Clark until the engagement session. He was a little apprehensive that day, but it didn't take me long to figure out what he likes to talk about; Ann and sports! :) As we were getting someting to drink (to beat the 100 degree temperature on Saturday) he wanted to see if the hockey game was on television. I was teasing him because all of his favorite sports teams are across the country; he LOVES the Minnesota Twins!
Saturday's wedding was PERFECT--well, except for the unseasonably warm, uh, I mean HOT weather!!! One of the things I love best about what I do is getting to know the families. These families were incredible and I had a great time meeting some new friends!! They were so welcoming to me and made me feel as if I had become "one of them" :)
The best way to describe Clark in regards to how he looks at his new bride is "smitten". Yeah, I know that's not a word that's used very often, but that's what popped into my head when I watched the two of them. Ann and Clark's wedding was relatively small and I could tell that every single person who was there was invited because of how important they were to this couple. Ann's maid of honor is a friend she's had since elementary school and Clark's best man has known him since childhood as well. The two junior bridesmaids were Ann's neices and I just couldn't get over how Ann looked at them. She is crazy about her neices, and I could tell it is mutual.
Clark proposed to Ann in Tahoe, which happens to be where they're honeymooning. I wish them all the best and know their life together will be filled with so much love. I think the deep relationships they have with all their loved ones is a wonderful foundation for their marriage. Thank you for a wonderful day and for sharing it with me! Take a look at their beautiful wedding (funny thing is, you can't even tell we were all melting). Feel free to leave a comment for them that they can enjoy when they return from their honeymoon.


Anonymous said...

Ann & Clark the photo's are great! Thanks for letting me share in your day- Enjoy the honeymoon
Love Jenn xoxo

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a wonderful day filled with wonderful memories! I am so glad to have shared it with you.

Much Love,
Angela H. xoxo

Angela said...

Ann & Clark -- What a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Enjoy your honeymooon.


AB said...

There pics were beautiful! What a cute couple. I can see why you loved the wedding so much!!!

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