Monday, July 07, 2008

A Life Sentence

A judge sentenced Lindsey and Jon to life yesterday ;) Although hot and smokey, it was a beautiful day at Lake Natoma Inn as this awesome couple became husband and wife. Lindsey and Jon have a great story. I met the two of them about a year ago. They were supposed to have been married on June 21st, which is my birthday. I don't really like to work on my birthday, but the two of them were so great and the wedding promised to be SO amazing that I couldn't pass it up! When they told me the groomsmen were going to be sporting zoot (zuit) suits, I COULDN'T RESIST!!!! Their engagement session was incredible and the more I got to know this couple the more excited I became about the wedding. As the months went on they decided the wedding needed be pushed back a couple of weeks. Lindsey was in the police academy and wasn't set to graduate until the end of June. They called and asked when I was available in July, so July 6th became the new date. With Jon being a corrections officer and Lindsey being a recent police acadamey graduate and now an officer for one of the neighboring counties, I know their family and friends were a huge help in getting this wedding to take place. When we sat down and chatted recently I found out that Lindsey's brother is in the air force and her sister has been over in Iraq with the army! I asked her what her parents thought about all three of their kids being in such precarious occupations. She told me it didn't bother them because her parents have both been in law enforcement as well!! In fact, Lindsey's dad was the bailiff for the judge who performed the ceremony! I cannot tell you the amount of respect I have for this family. All of them go out every single day and put their lives on the line for all of us...AMAZING!! When I saw Jon and his guys yesterday I was astonished. I thought I had seen zoot suits before, but these guys looked PHENOMENAL!!! The minute I saw them I new these photographs had to be all about details. As great as the guys looked, Lindsey and the girls were knockouts! I should have known that Lindsey's dress would be anything but all white. The flowergirls were even in miniature brides dresses!

Something that occurred yesterday that I haven't seen for a while was how they fed each other cake. Actually I should say, how they gave each other a facial!! On the way to the restroom for a quick cleanup before the first dance, they even high-fived each other because they thought it was so much fun! I couldn't believe it, but this was the second weekend in a row that "fun-fetti" was the flavor of choice for the wedding cake!
Take a look at the handcuffs on their wrists! As I was trying to think of a song for their slideshow all I could think of was Brian Setzer (Zuit Suit Boogie immediately came to mind). However, since that's not to much of a "wedding song" I was trying to think of big band/swing. THEN I remembered a Michael Buble song I heard a couple of months ago that I've been saving for just the right couple. As always, leave them comments and if you have the login info, check my site in a few weeks for their wedding images! If you'd like to see these images on the blog a little larger, just click on them.


AB said...

That end picture was hysterical! That song was perf for those pics and those suits were so cool! And I thought I was the only person who loved red- super cute!

Anonymous said...

As the mother of the bride I have looked at these pictures several times and cannot wait to see all of the them. With just these few pictures it is easy to tell that Debbie captured the essence of what Lindsey & Jon wanted for their special day! I loved the song and everyone looked just great!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful/

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great and certainly captured the fun experienced by all that day. A special thanks Lindsey's parents for providing such a special day. Can't wait to see all the rest of the photos Debbie. I am very glad to call Lindsey my daughter-in-law.
Congratulations Jon.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Jon & Lindsey,

These photos posted surely captured the love in your eyes but what I noticed most was the fun and playfulness between you. It's always a joy to be around the two of you. Looking forward to viewing the rest of your wedding photos. I am proud to call you both my friends!

Love, Ginsey

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