Friday, July 18, 2008


So, today is Cassie's 17th birthday. Since I have a wedding tonight and can't to anything with her this evening I wanted to do something special this morning. Because my niece Sierra is up here visiting from SJ it was the perfect opportunity to have Mackenzie and Katie come along with us for a birthday celebration. I took all the girls to "An Afternoon to Remember", a tea house my mom had taken me to a few years ago. As I was asking the girls how everything was, I got around to Mackenzie and she said "Aunt Debbie, it's TEA-licious!" I thought that was pretty clever for a nine-year old :)

Tea houses have always been sort of a special thing for me and my three daughters. I used to take them to Lisa's Tea Treasures in SJ and even did some photography with them when Lisa's was in the big victorian house in Willow Glen. Mackenzie and Cassie have an annual "tea party" that Mackenzie organizes every year...imagine the sort of tea a nine-year-old can plan and I'm sure you'll get a smile on your face. Last year we went to the Lisa's in the Pruneyard for Katie's birthday, so I thought this would be a lot of fun today.

One of the fun things about where we went is they have hats you're allowed to use while you're having tea. As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun with that and even made me get in on it. Fortunately, we had Cass' little point and shoot so we got some fun photos. The girls each had their favorites, whether it was one of the scones, a certain type of sandwich (Sierra liked the "creole" and Cass liked the olive sandwich as well as the chicken salad sandwich), or one of the desserts. Sierra had never been to a tea house before, so I had a great time introducing her to the experience.

Happy birthday to my "littlest baby". You're so incredibly, kind, smart and beautiful. You make me so proud every single day!!!


AB said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those pictures!!! It looks like you had so much fun. But can you please tell MacKenzie to stop growing up??!! She looks so old in these pictures. It's a big enough shock to look at the pics and realize that Katie isn't six and wearing a hat at Lisa's and that Cassie no longer adorns coke bottle glasses. I need to stop sounding like an old woman.

Claire said...

Yay Tea party! My 13th birthday party was a tea party and I'll never forget it! Although I am happy to forget the awful flower print dress i wore!

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