Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rose petals and details

Last night was Kristin and Devin's wedding. I've known Devin for a few years because he works at Lake Natoma Inn. I was thrilled when he and Kristin asked me to photograph their wedding at Granite Bay Golf Club! This wedding was everything I thought it would be. I've had the last few weeks off and couldn't wait to go to another wedding. Kristin's family is Greek and Devin's is Italian, so this place was full of PARTIERS!!! The golf club was spectacular and I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was, OR how gorgeous this bride is!!!!! Kristin and Devin decided they wanted to do all the photos prior to the wedding, so we got to spend lots of time doing a bunch of fun photos! The wedding party was great and all the touches that Kristin and Devin put on the wedding were extraordinary. From walking into the ballroom and seeing the colored crystals hanging from the centerpieces, the lanterns over the dancefloor, the thousands of rose petals or the platform on which all the cupcakes sat were so unique.

One of the most special parts of the day were the vows that Kristin and Devin wrote for the ceremony. Kristin got through her's okay, but Devin was only able to get through the first couple of lines before he started crying. The love he has for Kristin was just pouring out and he couldn't contain his happiness!
It's always such a tremendous honor to photograph a wedding, but when I was asked to photograph their day, it really meant a lot...thank you so much you two!! You are an EXTRAORDINARY couple and I know you are going to have a phenomenol life together.
Enjoy their slideshow and feel free to leave them some comments. Since they are from Greek and Italian families, lets see how many international hits we can get on their post :)


alex katsilometes said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! We loved every bit of the slide show of our beautiful niece and her groom!
Leko & Michele Katsilometes

Jen & Lisa said...
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Jen and Lisa said...

The most incredibly beautiful wedding photos and bride and groom we have ever seen. The photos brought tears to our eyes again! We love you both...
Jen & Lisa

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