Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back!!!

Since it's been nearly a month since I posted, I think there are a few of my stalkers who wonder where I've been. In a few days I'll post a slideshow of my month off in December, but I wanted to tell you about yesterday! Sunday was the annual bridal show at Cal Expo...and what a show it was!!! For the last month or two I had been wondering what to expect. Normally all the exhibit halls of Cal Expo are jumpin' with newly engaged couples, but with this rotten economy I had my doubts as to how many people would turn out. I can't tell you how much fun I had meeting so many brides (and some grooms) who turned out to plan their wedding. Ali had told me yesterday morning that she thought this would be my "year of photographing people I know". I'm photographing my cousin Chris' wedding, Ali's best friend's sister's wedding and a couple others that I have personal connections to. Well, I guess she was right because yesterday I met with one of the former teachers from one of the preschools I photograph, I saw a very good friend of two of my favorite brides from last year as well as two brides who are from Lincoln who know my daughters!! Each time I do a bridal show there's always something that comes up that makes me realize what a small world it really is. My mom always told me that the world is made up of three circles. When those circles rotate, we all eventually have things in common with others we would never have thought of. It's definitely an interesting concept.

I'm sure yesterday would not have been as successful as it was had it not been for two of my adorable daughters! Ali was out there in front all day meeting so many

brides and introducing them to what I do. Thanks girls, your mom sure does appreciate you giving up sleeping in on a Sunday to help her!! Here's a few photos we took of my booth and the girls with the fun martini glass and olive from the "Dean-o-holic" booth next door!

For all the couples I met yesterday, I wanted to thank you for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to explain to you why I love what I do. I hope I speak with you again very soon!!!

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