Sunday, September 06, 2009

A little craziness, but a lot of love!

Yesterday, was the last wedding of my triple weekend. Sarah and Brent were married at one of my new favorite locations, Headquarters House (in Auburn). The first time I had ever been to this venue was a couple of months ago for Amber and Zach's wedding. I was very excited to be out here again, because this time the ceremony was here as well as the reception.

I got to know Sarah and Brent when we did their engagement portraits a couple of months ago. I also met their dog Harley as well! The one thing that stood out more about this couple than anything was their sense of humor and fun-loving nature! I had been at the wedding today less than five minutes when Sarah started laughing and I don't think she stopped :) Brent is just as much fun to be around. He was not afraid to have fun and loved doing photos that were "outside the box". At one point I was doing photos with all the guys at the train tracks. Just as we had finished a guy came riding by on a motorcycle and the groomsmen hijacked-actually, they politely asked :) if Brent could get on it for a few photos. The guy graciously honored the request and we got some great photos. I actually think Brent is an undercover model, because he LOVED posing for the camera :) All the wedding party was as much fun as this bride and groom. They all love to laugh and just have a great time! Brent's twin brother was his best man and his oldest brother was the officiant. He did a great job with the ceremony and I think the best part was how he recovered when he dropped one of the rings. That's right, he DROPPED the ring (good thing it didn't fall through the deck!), but it was all immediately followed by a lot of smiles and laughter. I have a feeling these two families laugh A LOT!

I heard this song yesterday before I left for the wedding and I KNEW it would be perfect for Sarah and Brent. It is fun, upbeat I actually thought about them when I heard this for the first time. Enjoy their slideshow and be sure to leave them some good wishes!

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Mom said...

Wonderfully done...the pictures are as beautiful as the bride.

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