Thursday, December 17, 2009

My favorite "things"

So much about this time of year makes me think about what I love the most. It never seems to be anything big, but just lots of little things. My mind has been on Ally's family so much this week, that the little moments in my life just seem to be that much more important and poignant. Don't you feel that what we sometimes view as "small", sometimes end up being the best, or most memorable, events in our lives? I want my husband, kids and I to look back on our lives and see the joy we had in the things that involved us spending time together, not things that we bought or that cost a lot of money.
Here are some pics of a few of my favorite "things"...

Watching the joy Nick has helping us with whatever project we may have going on at any given moment. Here he is standing on the overhang, looking into our second story window as he's hanging our Christmas lights-in the dark!

My favorite guy (aka, my husband) in the world, with my oldest friend. I am so proud of the 40 year long friendship that Scott and I have. The older I get the more special I know it is!

Since the kids call Scott their "uncle", naturally, Cassie calls his daughters her cousins. Here's Cassie and Simone when she and her dad came to visit us last weekend.

Hands down, my favorite thing about my "job" are all the clients who have since become our friends! Here are Katie and Ali with Stan and Colleen the night we all went out looking at holiday decorations.

Here are all my kids in front of one of the houses on "Candy Cane Lane". Our family tradition is to go out one night every December to have pizza and then to look at lights. We all look forward to it and can't imagine a December without it.

One of my new favorite things is seeing the joy on Cassie's face when she comes home from an afternoon of volunteering at the local preschool. Today she came home, after their holiday party, with an armload of gifts. I guess the kids ADORE her and showered her with Christmas presents!

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Colleen said...

Hi Debbie-
So glad we could be a part of your "favorite things". We had a great time looking at Christmas lights with your family. Thank you for inviting us over! See you soon!
Love, Colleen & Stan :)

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