Monday, January 04, 2010

Great moments from the holiday season

As much as I wanted to post several times over the holiday break, I just couldn't find the time...I was having too much fun with my family and our friends! After one of my loyal followers emailed me last night and asked to see some photos, I thought I better make it a priority this morning.
Here is a smorgasbord from my holiday season. Some business photos, and some that will give you a glimpse of the fun I had the last couple of weeks. Here they are in no particular order (and most of the photos were taken with a little point and shoot, so don't hate ;)...
6/7ths of the cousins at my brother-in-law's wedding. Cary and Vicki have been dating for over a decade, so we were glad to officially welcome her into our family! I wish our other niece, Shannon, could have been there so the group of cousins would have been complete.

This is our great-nephew, Ryan. He's almost a year old and, as you can see, completely ADORABLE! Have you EVER seen eyes like this little guy has?!

Since Katie is now 21, Ali thought she should give red wine a try. Any idea on what Kate thought of it? What sisters won't do to each other!

The hubby and me at his brother's wedding. Although it was the second trip to the bay area in one weekend, we were excited to be there and really had a great time seeing all the Browns!

We had our annual holiday party with our great friends who live across the street. This year, we decided to have the party the week after Christmas. Much more relaxing, and less stressful than having to pack another activity in before Santa's big day. Here I am with all the ladies!

The guys had just as much fun as the girls!

Our little girl, Harper. I decided to put lights on the doghouse I built her earlier in the year.

My babies in their new Christmas jammies. Every year on Christmas eve they get a new ornament and new PJs. I think they will be grandmothers some day and still want me to keep up this tradition.

Contrary to what it seems, it wasn't all fun and games in the Brown household-I actually worked too ;)

Here is the wonderful Dansby family! Linda and Steve had their daughters and their families in Lincoln for the Christmas holiday. I was happy to be able to get to know them and spend a wonderful couple of hours with them on the 26th. Since we spent Christmas in Gilroy, it meant that I had to leave first thing Saturday morning so I chould get back in time. I am certainly glad I did, because Linda and Steve make me smile and I'm blessed that they asked me to work with their family.

This is Nancy and Tony's home. This is where they had the reception after Ally's memorial service a few weeks ago. I asked Nancy if she'd allow me to photographer her extraordinary home.

How would you like to lounge in this soaking tub while watching your favorite tv show on the flat screen!? This looks pretty luxurious to me!

I thought I loved the library I have in my house, but after seeing this one, I really never wanted to leave!

If I lived in this house, I would never need to go to a resort. Definitely a gorgeous home!

Here is the family room of their home. Now that I've gotten to know the family a bit, I can certainly see a lot of warm and fun family times that they probably enjoy in this room.

Well, there you have it; a little look at how I enjoyed the holiday times. A little work, a little family time, but a lot of great memories...with old and new friends!

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