Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A hometown wedding

This post is really delayed, and I apologize. With Father's Day being Sunday, and my birthday on Monday, things have fallen a little behind this week.
Last Saturday was Ceci and Chris' hometown wedding. After the heat we had the week before, I was wondering if it was going to be uncomfortably hot. In every way possible, the wedding was PERFECT!!! Ceci and Chris are both from Lincoln, so it was fantastic to able see so many familiar faces. I saw former clients, friends, and teachers that day. One of the coolest things about the day was the antique Cadillac that arrived. Talk about going to a reception in STYLE!!!!
Ceci and Chris are so sweet, and are so down to earth, that you can't help but love this couple. One of the main reasons they are so awesome is because of their families. You could tell how much Ceci's family loves Chris by the emotional toast that Ceci's dad gave. It didn't matter that it was said entirely in spanish, because the amount of emotion that came through was universal, regardless of what language you speak. Chris' dad's speech was just as impressive. He spoke of how Chris' younger brother (who was supposed to be the best man), couldn't be there and that there were only two things that would keep him away-death, and serving our country by being in the navy. He chose the latter. Ceci and Chris began dating when Ceci's brother was much younger. From the beginning she treated him like a brother and the two of them have a great relationship.

Now, that you know these things about this couple, I'll bet you wish you were at the wedding too!!!!! I can't wait to see what is in store for this couple; and with the fact that we all live in Lincoln, I'm sure I will hear for years to come about all the wonderful things that will be a part of their life together!

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AB said...

Congrats Chris and Ceci! The wedding was beautiful.

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