Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LOVE...the tattoo said so!

Saturday was Amber and Ross' wedding, and I have been SO looking forward to it! Ross' mom, Sally, is someone I met a few years back when I photographed her parents' 50th anniversary celebration. Wow, was I ever excited when she called me earlier this year and asked if I was available to photograph her son's wedding...ABSOLUTELY!!

One of my favorite photos of the day is the one at the top of this post. The bestman had this tattoo on his hand, and no decent photographer would have let this go unnoticed ;)

Sally and Gary's home was the venue for the very special day on Saturday. Oh my, I wish my daughter's would have a home like this in which to get married! This place was MADE for a wedding...a separate area for the ceremony, one for the reception meal, one for the cake, and one for the dancing.

Ross was like most grooms-not a fan of having his photo taken, and just wanted to hang out with his buddies...UNTIL, his beautiful bride made her way to where we were doing photos. It seemed like the minute she arrived, his mind was on nothing else but her; as it should be ;) He is COMPLETELY head-over-heels in love with Amber. With the exception of a few times during the day, the two of them were completely lost in one another and their magical day. Amber looked stunning in her mom's wedding dress. Amber told me that her mom's dress looked too '80s/'90s so they removed the sleeves and created a dress that was very current.

Amber's dad did the officiating and it was so touching to watch him perform the ceremony. He barely got started and he was in tears; when it came time to pronounce them husband and wife, he was in tears again. What a special moment for him! Amber is so lucky, because she had something at her wedding that I think only about 1% of my clients have. I was able to photograph a five generation photo for Amber. Amber's little girl is the youngest of the group, and the generations go all the way to a great, great grandmother. What an amazing photo that will be for them all to look at in years to come!

Take a look at their slideshow and be sure to leave them some happiness wishes!

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That property is gorgeous!

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