Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Lake Natoma

Do you ever spend an afternoon, or even a few minutes, people watching? Some people love to sit for hours on end and watch perfect strangers, as those strangers go about their tasks on hand. What is it that is making them move with such purpose as if they are going to meet a friend they haven't seen since childhood; or walking as if they are headed to the dreaded tax audit. I always wonder what is putting a smile on someone's face when the are traveling alone-hmm, wouldn't you like to be in their head ;). As I was sitting in a food court yesterday with my daughter and niece, I was observing the hundreds of people around me, and it dawned on me that I have the perfect people watching job. I obviously know why they are gathered in the particular location, and sometimes I know from where they traveled. Trust me when I tell you that not every wedding is all smiles! I've seen fist fights where the groom as walked out of the reception; sheriffs coming to the gates of a private estate looking for a "deadbeat dad", and other things you wouldn't believe! Regardless of how much, or how little I know, it's still fun to watch everyone at a wedding, and Valerie and Kyle's wedding was absolutely no exception.

One of the things I enjoyed so much about last weekend was the guests and everyone's sense of humor. I met a lot of people who were there for two watch Valerie and Kyle get married and to have a GREAT time, and from what I hear and saw, they did just that!

When a photographer gets a dream couple like Valerie and Kyle, capturing great photos is E A S Y! I have never seen a dress like Valerie's. Enchanted Bridal Shoppe outdid themselves with assisting Val to find just the right dress! To make sure that all those people who came for a good time, did just that, Ray from Perfect Sounds DJ created a party that will go down in history! One of the reasons this wedding was so successful was because of the hard work of Valerie's mom, Deb. One of her top priorities was to find the right vendors. She knew if she hired the right people, the day would be perfect and she, and the family, could relax. From what I've heard, I think we all did our jobs ;) This was one of the best weddings of the year!

One of the cutest moments of the day was when Kyle's 91 year-old grandmother is the one who signed the marriage certificate! What a spry young lady she is ;) From the happy couple to the grandmas, to the bride's mom and aunts, to the entire wedding party, I felt very lucky to be a part of the day!

Valerie and Kyle-what a perfect couple you are. I knew from the minute I began taking your photos at your engagement session, that the wedding was going to be one of my all time favorites! It's always wonderful for me to meet all the parents the day of the wedding, and see the people who raised the incredible couples I work with. There is not a doubt in my mind that because of the wonderful role models you have, you two will be celebrating your 75th anniversary together! Thank you so much for introducing me to your lives and allowing me to be a part of your new beginning!

Enjoy their slide show, and be sure to leave them some well wishes!


Jennifer B. said...

Amazing wedding! It was a perfect day for a simply stunning bride and groom. Awesome work Debbie, as usual.

Abby Brody said...

Fabulous photos capturing a phenomenal celebration of a scrumptious couple! Great job, Debbie!

Jeanne Dansby said...

Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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