Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunny Portland!

I have no doubt that Julian will love Amanda forever! You can't help but smile all the time when you're around this couple. About a week and a half ago, I traveled to Portland, Oregon to photograph Amanda and Julian's spectactular day! I've been to Portland dozens and dozens of times, and the weather this day was about as good as it gets! I flew up to Portland on Friday, so that I could photograph the rehearsal and dinner. Fittingly enough, the rehearsal dinner was held at an old school. Amanda is a 5th grade teacher, and there couldn't have been a better location to start the festivities.

 Here is the cake topper than one of Amanda's 5th grade students was completely out of foil! Talk about a one of a kind gift!

Amanda and Julian began their life together in a special place. They were married at the chapel on the University of Portland's campus, and then had their reception at the commons just across the walkway. Now, if you've ever seen a "commons" on a college campus, then you may be thinking, "really?". I assure you that this "commons" surpasses anything that I've EVER seen on a campus. I've done weddings at hotels that weren't as nice as this place. Besides a beautiful building, the view was EXTRAORDINARY! The chapel and commons sit on the edge of "the bluff"-overlooking the Willamette river, the hillside and all the glory this space has to offer!

Amanda and Julian both went to UP, and knew each other a little, but didn't get to be friends until after graduation. This couple is so freakin' adorable that everyone who is around the just smile! They both have such a fun sense of humor, and as you'll be able to see from the slideshow, their serious side just peeks out once in a while ;)

I love traveling out of the Sac area to photograph weddings, and am so excited that I have several out of state weddings this year!

 Every time I go to Portland, I'm always amazed at how beautiful Mt. Ranier is!

Most of the time, it's the bride who is aware of the details. I love the little touches that Julian wanted...custom made bow tie and hat...and look at those socks!
The bridesmaids are all so fun, and adorable! Amanda had her two sisters, and two college friends, as her bridesmaids. Those were come of the cutest dresses I've ever seen, and they were only $50!

The chapel and new bell tower, look so or night.

The groomsmen were just as much fun as the girls! Love this "He went to Jarred" pose ;)

Enjoy their slideshow, and be sure to leave them some love, in the comment section!


Madelyn said...

Debbie the pictures are amazing. I love all of the laughing ones but I think my favorite is when they are standing on the wall and Amanda's dress is flowing down. That was such a fun wedding. I'm so happy for Amanda and Julian. I can't think of a better couple!

AnneMarie Ashburn said...

LOVE thae chance to see all the pics and pretend I was right there with you all on the dance floor. Love your colors, love the location, love the hat (obvs), love the handsome groomsmen.....


Team Swinehart said...

These pictures are AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes all over again!
Thank you so much for capturing all the great things about that day!

Team Swinehart said...

These pictures are AMAZING! The tears came back remembering how great this day was.
Thank you for capturing all the wonderful pieces so beautifully.

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