Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our baby is 21!

Well, the day finally came...we are the parents of a 21-year-old legal adult! We've missed being with Ali for her last four birthdays because she's away at school in Portland. I hope she knows how much we miss her (but especially on her special day)! I thought I'd put together something special for her that will remind her of how much Louie, Katie, Cassie and I miss her.

To check out the slideshow, just click the play button (and make sure your sound is on). As always you can leave comments at the bottom of this post.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE...WE MISS YOU!! (and by the way, don't drink too much tonight!)

  • Ali's 21st birthday

    Becky E said...

    What an awesome slide show. Happy Birthday Ali! Have a few cocktails for me tonight!

    barrfamily said...

    Hope you had a wonderful b-day Ali. I would love to see the slide show, but the link is not working.
    Love, Aunt Kim

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