Thursday, August 31, 2006

Update on the Haskins Family

I wanted to give you all an update on the Haskins family that I highlighted on my blog a couple weeks ago.

Kyler had a blood transfusion about a week ago because his blood count was so low. He did well for a few days (more energy and eating more than he had for a while) and even started kindergarten the day after the tranfusion. However, at his weekly appointment on the 29th he was running a mild fever and the doctors decided to hospitalize him trying to head off any infection he may have contracted. Kyler got another tranfusion in hopes that his platelet and hemoglobin counts would increase. As his dad said on their blog, an average person's platelet count is somewhere between 150,000 and 300,000-Kylers is at 23,000.

Please continue to send all the prayers and support you can for this remarkable family. They have been going through so much in the last four months; I hope that things will turn around for them very soon.

When I delivered the photos to the family last week, I told them I would post their slideshow on my blog as soon as I learned how to use the slideshow software. Well, here it is. You can see how close this family is. Two of Kyler's favorite things to do is play Pokemon cards and play video games with his brother Kendrick. Dad, Darrell, is also trying to teach the boys to play the drums. I hope that when Kyler is back to his old self again that I'll be able to post an updated photo session of the family...won't that be something to celebrate!
I was concerned about their privacy and didn't want to post too much info about them, but mom, Sandie, assured me that they actually want people knowing about their situation. The more people who know about them means the more prayers that are being sent.

Enjoy the slideshow and give your family a big hug while being thankful that they are all healthy! As always, I welcome your comments below.

  • The Haskins family slideshow

    Becky E said...

    AWESOME slideshow, Deb. What a beautiful family. Love the song choice, too.

    Breanna said...

    just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing your photography. I love this family and I think you gave them a beautiful gift. The Lord bless you and thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!

    Niamh McCreary said...

    What a wonderful gift for the Haskins. You really captured their beautiful spirit.

    Sandie said...

    What an awesome treat it was for our family to have Debbie come and capture such sweet memories! She she made it so personal and special and spent the time to get to know us! I love this slide show! It makes me very emotional and thankful for my wonderful family! Thanks sooo much, Debbie!

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