Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Something personal

When I'm not busy photographing a wedding or portraits I try to take some time to photograph what is the most treasured to me-my family. In May our oldest daughter will be graduating with two degrees from the University of Portland. Recently Ali came home for a long weekend so that I could do some portraits of her to put into her graduation announcements. The last couple of months (especially) have been extremely hectic for her...finishing her senior thesis on Pride and Prejudice, student teaching (first in middle school, and now in high school), completing work studies for each of her student teaching positions, and finishing up classes at UP. While she's been busy concluding this aspect of her college career it's given me many opportunities to think about the first 21 years of her life. When she was born I naturally wondered what life would hold for her "What would she look like at various ages, what would her personality be like, would she keep the red hair that she was born with--I'm so happy she did :0), would she graduate from college, what contribution would she make to the world?" Her dad and I tell her how proud we are of her, but I don't think it's possible for her to know how proud we REALLY are. I am proud that she's our daughter, but I'm proud of the fact that she and I are friends as well. I love our daily phone calls (sometimes three and four times a day), I love that when she has great news (or is having a bad day) her dad and I are the first ones she wants to call.

If you'd like to see the results of our portrait session click on her slideshow link below. Here's a little fun trivia about the photos. Since one of Ali's degrees is in English we thought it would be fun to photograph her with a lot of her favorite books. One of the books in the photos is a copy of "Little Women" that her Granny (my mom) gave Ali. This same book was given to my mom by her grandmother. The ring that Ali is wearing has the same history-it was handed down from her great-great grandmother. The cameo necklace that Ali is wearing was given to me by my grandmother
when I graduated high school. This cameo was sent back by my grandfather before he was killed in Italy during WWII.

When Ali asked me to create a slideshow to show her friends her portraits we talked about the music. I found this great song that I think really fits this time in her life. It talks about laughter and tears, days fading into memories and how you should hold onto every moment because they are precious. It also talks about the faith that I know is so important to her. Al, hold onto every moment over the next six weeks and relish this time so that you'll have the memories for the rest of your life. I know how important these last four years have been to you and bathe yourself in the glow of your success. Dad, Kate, Cass and I can't wait to celebrate with you in May!!!!

Thanks for indulging a proud mom and check back in about six weeks for some photos from graduation weekend!!!
  • Hold onto every moment.
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