Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well, after a few internet issues with my computer this week I'm finally getting a chance to post the collage from Jessica and Doug's wedding last Saturday. It rained the entire day, but the wedding was so much fun it didn't seem to matter. It was really touching to see Jessica's son take such a large part in the ceremony and to see Doug welcome his new son with open arms-as well as an open heart! What a wonderful new family, who will soon welcome a new addition this fall. That baby is sure to be surrounded with lots of love! I was quite impressed when I found out that Jessica's dad is the one who planned a large part of the wedding...what an eye for detail!! It was obvious to everyone who shared the day with Jessica and Doug that if you are their friend for a moment, you are their friend for life. They are two of the warmest and friendliest people I've worked with. When we had a great time at their engagement session, I knew that the wedding would be just as great! Take a look at Jessica and Doug's collage and click on the link below for their album preview!
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