Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kiely's mommy and daddy

I spent the day yesterday at a FABULOUS wedding. First off, it was at Lake Natoma Inn, plus Samantha and Ray were the CUTEST couple! They are expecting their first baby, Kiely, in the fall. There was a little concern as to whether the wedding was going to be able to happen yesterday, because Sam has been on bed rest. Thank goodness the doctor gave her the all clear and everything is fine with the baby. Sam and Ray met at a restaurant where Ray was a server. Sam thought he was so cute she left her number on the back of the receipt...well, you can guess where it went from there :)
We had so much fun with the photos. This couple is not afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. I got SO MANY great candids of the two of them. There are a lot of the photos where I think Sam reminds me of Audrey Hepburn--Sam was a GORGEOUS bride!!! Click on their collage to see a larger view and come back soon to see a preview of their album and a link to their wedding photos.

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