Monday, May 21, 2007

They say everyone has a twin

When I met Kira and Stephen (my first wedding of 2007) last year there was something very familiar about Kira, but I couldn't put my finger on it right away. Then it dawned on me-she looks just like Rachel, my daughter's best friend from high school. I have been hoping the two of them could meet at some point. Well, Saturday was Ali's college graduation party and we had a BLAST!!! I've gotten to be good friends with Kira and Stephen and asked them to join us in the celebration. Naturally, Rachel came as well and this was my chance to FINALLY prove what I've been telling the two of them, and my family, for months. Just about everyone who saw them at the party agreed with me about how much the two of them look alike--EXCEPT for the two of them--they don't see it!...go figure. We were excited to have so many friends and family join us. It's a tie as to who came the furthest. My youngest sister flew out from Colorado to spend the weekend with us (Steph, thanks SOOO much for all your help on Saturday-I couldn't have done it without you). My parents flew in from Yuma and "surprised" us. Well, I think most everyone was surprise, but I kind of suspected they may come because, as my sister puts it, "my mom likes to talk a little too much" :)
Well, we're off to DC on a redeye tonight so check back on the blog every couple of days to see an ongoing diary of our trip!

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