Monday, July 16, 2007

June year

Since Lana and Matt are both teachers we decided to make the most of their summer off and do their Getting To Know You session now instead of later...and, wow, did we get to know each other! We spent the morning at the river in Folsom and had so much fun-now this is my idea of starting off the week right! Lana and Matt were up for just about anything, and I mean ANYTHING. At one point they were up to almost their waists in water. Bathing suits? Who needs 'em-just go with the shorts!!
They are such a fun and relaxed couple and I can't wait for their wedding next year! I sort of have a special tie with Lana because the first year we moved here, my youngest daughter was in an afterschool program and Lana was one of Cassie's instructors...small world! I know their wedding is going to be so much fun because of what a fun couple they are-and as a special bonus, the wedding is at Lake Natoma Inn-ALWAYS a perfect location for a perfect day!
Check out the link below for their photos.
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    Lana said...

    Debbie- We love, love, love the picture collage! Matt and I had such a fun time taking pictures. We look forward to you taking the pictures at our wedding. Thanks again for making our "Getting to Know You" session so much fun!

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