Monday, November 19, 2007

A working vacation

With my last wedding of the year taking place a week ago I have been anticipating spending some time off with my family. I'm enjoying a week in the bay area with family and friends, but also had to "work" a little while I was here. Before I can look ahead to the holidays and all the great stuff that goes with that however, I have a few portrait sessions to look forward to.
One of these awesome sessions took place on Sunday morning. I met Sherell and Dustin at a winery in San Martin and it was INCREDIBLE!!! I will be photographing their wedding next July and I CAN'T WAIT! My aunt and uncle are good friends with Sherell's mom and that's how Sherell and Dustin heard about me (thanks Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob for always being my cheerleaders). I had met Sherell a couple times in the past, but had never met Dustin. I was really excited to do some photos of them yesterday and hoped we'd become fast friends. Well, I must say, our session was a huge success!!! It was a beautiful November day, the setting was gorgeous and this couple was fabulous. They were so relaxed and we all just enjoyed our time in the sunshine with vineyards all around us. One of the things that I loved so much about them is that they didn't feel awkward in front of the camera and I was able to really capture the fun and closeness of their relationship.
I told them that because I only had my laptop with me I wouldn't be able to post all the photos until I got home next week.

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