Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Great Thanksgiving week

I have been having so much fun with my family during this week of Thanksgiving. Saturday my youngest daughter, Cassie, and I took my mom and my aunt to Carmel for the afternoon. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants in town and spent the afternoon shopping, eating and laughing...A LOT (as we usually do)!!! While we were in Carmel we went into Tiffany and Co. to look at all the bling. Oh, if I only had a million dollars :) While we were in there the salespeople kept asking us if we wanted them to show us anything. Knowing we couldn't afford any of the beautiful peices we said "no thank you" and continued to window shop. There was a star necklace that Cassie kept eyeing (I guess it looks like the one that Charpey wore in High School Musical 2), so the saleslady took it out of the case. That was enough for Cassie, but then the woman PUT IT AROUND CASSIE'S NECK!! My sixteen year old had a $15,000 piece of jewelry on and she was in heaven! $15,000 and over 4 carats of diamonds...she felt like a princess. Alas, we couldn't get her photo with it, but the woman gave Cassie a Tiffany catalog and put it in one of their signature blue envelopes and that was enough for her.
If you read the post below you know that I worked a little Sunday morning, but didn't do much else that day. Cassie and I did, however, get to have dinner with Samantha and Rob and their two sons. I photographed their wedding a few years ago, and both her sisters' weddings. Sam's mom and dad are who Ali and I stayed with during our trip to DC this past May. We had a great time with Sam and Rob and enjoyed seeing them again. It seems that the only time I usually get to see them is when I'm working :)
Yesterday I picked my daughter, Katie, up at the train station and eight of us went to lunch for a belated birthday celebration for Katie (she turned 19 on Monday). We went to Lisa's Tea Treasures and had a lot of fun having lunch at this unique place. I used to take my daughters to the one that was in Willow Glen, so it was fun to experience this again and think about old times when they were little. Last night my oldest daughter, Ali, flew in from Portland. I always love it when she comes home!! My husband will be joining us tonight and all the Browns will be under one roof again.
Tonight is our "girls night" of lots of goodies to eat and watching HAIRSPRAY!!! Katie got it for her birthday yesterday and the girls we can't wait to see it...AGAIN! I saw it three times this summer (plus the Broadway version), and Cassie and Ali saw it four times. It will be fun to watch it with my mom and aunt, because we all love musicals and we're all a little...well, crazy :)
The biggest news I have is that I have a new niece!!!!! My sister and brother-in-law have been trying to have a baby for quite a while and have been unsuccessful. I got a phone call yesterday that the adoption process they've been going through in recent months finally rewarded them with a little girl. Emma Marianna Roberts was born on October 28th (11 weeks premature), but other than that is healthy. She is African-American and very tiny. The timing is perfect because my husband and daughters are all headed to Colorado the week after Christmas, so we'll get to meet the new addition before she's too big. I can't wait to get a camera near that little sweetie!!!!

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Claire said...

I just watched on your slideshows, on your website (which I visit often) and I got very teary. I cannot WAIT untill you get to photograph MY future wedding and MY future family. You are one darn special lady and I'm so glad you are in my life. :)


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