Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year...oh, and by the way-it's FREEZING!!!

I've been in Colorado with my family for three days now and I don't know when I've been so cold! Although, no matter how cold it's been, it's as equally beautiful! We're in Evergreen which about 45 minutes from downtown Denver. Yesterday was so windy that parts of Hwy. 70 were shut down. It was a strange site for this California girl to see the wind blow the snow across the freeway so much that it looked like clouds of dry ice...it was quite a site! Because of the altitude we stayed realtively close to town. It doesn't matter where we've been, even the most mundane areas are beautiful when covered with snow. Even the area behind the local Baskin Robbins was beautiful. I just assumed that all the ducks would fly south for the winter, so we were very surprised when we saw them swimming in the local water when it was about 15 degrees outside. Last night for New Year's Eve we enjoyed meeting a lot of my sister's friends last night at New Year's Eve. It was pretty low key (just the way I like it)-hot dogs and chili for dinner, card games and trying to out do each other on the Wii.
Today was a little warmer so we decided to venture out and went to Evergreen Lake. As we were walking on the lake there were times that it was a little scary because it was so slippery and we weren't sure how thick the ice was; oh, it was plenty thick enough all right, but not being used to walking on a frozen lake brought a little trepedation :)

After we froze to behinds off we drove up to Redrocks Park and it was SPECTACULAR!!! We ended up going later in the day so I had mixed feelings about the lighting. Although I didn't have sunlight falling directly on the rocks, the sun did begin to set, so I got some great color in the sky. I think we'll be going back here in a couple of days so I can get some sunlight on the rocks. Redrocks is a state park, but it is also an ampitheatre where they hold concerts. You can't imagine how incredibly gorgeous this place is. I'll be doing some photos in a couple of days that really show off the majesticness of this aweinspiring place, but in the meantime here are a few photos showing off the gorgeous sunset with Denver in the distance.

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