Sunday, March 02, 2008

February Image Poll

Here we go, it's time for you to select your favoite photo of February. I'll be posting images the first week or so of the following month, so check back about this time next month for March's images. This month it's all about the Getting to Know You Session. And WOW, did I get to know some great couples this month!!!!!

Of all the clients, I undoubtedly know Katie the best because she is one of Ali's best friends from college. However, I had only met Stephen, briefly, a few times. He is absolutely as sweet as I had always heard and he and Katie are perfect!! I can't wait to fly to Portland for their wedding in August; it's going to be a blast (especially since my family knows Katie's family so well).
Melanie and Zac were another couple, where I had only met Zac briefly one time. He was a lot of fun to be around (I can't imagine Melanie selecting any other kind of guy, because of her personality). Melanie and I hit it off instantly and with them getting married at Lake Natoma Inn, we're going to have an AMAZING DAY! I've already met her sister so I KNOW how much fun I'm going to have with her family!
Kaatri and Mark are my newest couple. We had so much fun and the setting for their wedding will probably be one of the most beautiful ones I do all year! They're my next wedding couple and I can't wait until their wedding next month. I KNOW I'm going to get some beautiful images from this gorgeous couple!
Last, but not least, we have Christina and Mark. Technically, their images were taken in March, but since we had to reschedule them twice from February, I decided to include them in this poll. ANOTHER great couple (look at their post just below this one)!!!
Now, do you see what I mean about how lucky I am to have the couples I do? I'm sure glad I don't have to vote for my favorite, because I'm not sure I could decide. I'll leave the decision up to all of you!!!
Here are my favorites from each session, so let's see who you think should win. (You can click on each image to make it larger and the poll is located on the right sidebar.)

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