Thursday, February 28, 2008

Orian and Emma with mom

Each time I post some photos I try to put together a slideshow as well. One of the largest blocks of time that I spend is trying to figure out the music, mainly because I want to find just the right song. The photos may be great and the song may be nice, but when you find just the right match, it's, well...magical. Sometimes finding the right song is easier than others. I looked and looked and finally came up with this combination. I'm excited about the outcome :) If it's an engagement session I will sometimes ask what song the couple is having for their first dance, or what sort of music they like. Today the subject of music didn't come up; photographing a three-year-old usually means my mind is concentrating on them :) I spent a couple hours this afternoon doing something I REALLY LOVE!!! I photographed a maternity session, and as an added bonus, Crystal brought her three-year-old son along for the photos. Today was the first time I met Crystal and the "kids". A while back I got an email from a gentleman and he asked if he could purchase a gift certificate for his cousin who was getting married. He said when he got married his wife received a gift certificate from a family member for boudoir photography. He thought it would be a great gift to give his cousin, so she could in turn give a gift to her new husband.
Crystal called me a month or so ago and asked if she could use it for a maternity session instead and bring along her little boy. I said SURE, and I'm glad I did (why wouldn't I)!! Orian was so adorable and Crystal could not have been sweeter and was so at ease having some pregnancy photos done. The photos from today's session are giong to be a birthday gift to her husband next month-his birthday is the day before baby Emma is due. Hmmm, maybe he'll get photos AND a new daughter as a birthday gift!! I hope Crystal brings Emma back after the little one makes her entrance into this big ol' world! I'd love to get some photos of Orian with his new little sister. He is such a cutie-and I must say, quite polite. Wow, and you should have seen him with those drum sticks; I guess he and dad each have their own set.
Today was a gorgeous day outside-around 70 degrees. And, as much as I wanted to be outside doing some yardwork (something that, believe it or not, I really do enjoy), I just couldn't wait to get my hands on these photos! As I was putting their show together the lyrics of this song really struck me. My daughters are all but grown (well at least two of them are still home...for now) and I sure miss when they were little. Everyone always tells young parents to enjoy the kids when they're young because they grow up so fast. Until it happens to you, you really do have NO idea how quickly it does happen. I'm glad I was a real hands on mom and that I tried to enjoy every minute, because now I have all those great memories. Crystal (and all you other moms with little ones), enjoy them everyday!!! For the rest of you, enjoy their slideshow. But, if you know Orian's and Emma's daddy, remember these are a secret, so don't let the cat out of the bag :)


*********************** said...

Wow, those are so great. You picked the perf song- I didn't know you'd heard of that one. And omg, that little boy is too cute.

yaya said...

Wow.....Orion is so beautiful and so is Orion and Emma's Mama....she is a great mom too and I am so grateful for that....can't wait fore everybody to meet Emma....xoxo
Orion and Emma's Yaya

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