Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I have been so busy lately...

I've been staying so busy, partly because of all the engagement sessions I've been doing for upcoming weddings. Yesterday was a really fun session!!! I met Patrick for the first time and am really anticipating his wedding with Amy. Although this is the first wedding I've done for their family, it seems like I've been talking to Amy's mom for some time :) Renee had seen some wedding photos I did of her friend's daughter's wedding. She called and asked me to photograph Amy's sister's, Angela's, wedding, but I was already booked for the date (I'm always so sad when I have to turn down a referral). After the wedding, Renee contacted me and asked if I would lay out a wedding album for Angela. They had the images from the other photographer and I was thrilled to be able to create this keepsake for the family. Last year Renee called to ask me if I could photograph Amy's wedding. Again, I was already booked-I was so disappointed! Fortunately, their wedding date was flexible and we worked it out!! You can imagine how excited I am to finally be able to actually do the photography as well as the album for this wedding:) I can't wait until the big day because everyone I've met in the family is so sweet (and I'm sure the rest of them are as well). They are so kind and giving and really just wonderful people!
Hmmm, maybe I felt such a connection with them because Amy is a teacher and her mom is a principal. If you've ready my blog in the past, you KNOW how I feel about teachers and what incredible people they are.
Well, here are some photos from the great time I had with Amy and Pat!!

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What's not to love? That was a beautiful session, Mom.

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