Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update on 24 years

I had a lot of comments from people yesterday saying "What, no slideshow?" in regards to the concert. So, I thought I'd sit down this morning and put one together. My biggest problem was selecting music because I love every single one of his songs. So, I decided to go with one of my new favorites because I know how much Ali and Kate love it (Cassie has not yet aquired a taste for Michael Buble. She's much more into the Jonas Brothers).

Also, one other note. Louie and I had the best anniversary dinner last night. We planned on going to the Melting Pot (one of our favorites for special occassions). When the girls found out about it they chipped in and gave us a gift card to pay for dinner. I'm putting my mom hat on here...we have the most amazing daughters! I want to share one of my all time favorite memories that we have of one of our anniversaries. One year when Ali was about ten, Katie was about seven and Cassie was about four, the girls came into our room the morning of our anniversary with menus they had made. With their adorable elementary school handwriting in crayon, Louie and I perused the menu options for our special breakfast in bed. We selected the "eggo waffles with fruit" as our special anniversary selection. We were instructed that we could not go down stairs and that breakfast would be up shortly. When it arrived, with flowers the girls picked from our back patio, it could not have tasted more delicious if it had been prepared by world famous chefs. Although an anniversary is something that is usually just between two people, our daughters have always tried to make our day extra special. Thanks girls, dad and I love you so much!!!!

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