Sunday, May 11, 2008

"We're so cute"

Everytime we've been taking a photo the last few days the viewing of the pic usually ends up with someone saying, "We're so cute" :) I'm in Portland (or as our family has called it for the last five years; P-Town) this weekend. I arrived Thursday evening and my auntie's plane landed about 45 minutes later. Once Ali picked us up the fun began! The first place on our four day agenda was our favorite mexican restaurant, Ole-Ole. The owner, Javier, is always so welcoming and and so happy to see us. It's fun to see him and one of the things I'll miss about not visiting P-Town once Ali moves home is our friend Javier! I don't know what we love more about this restaurant, the food or Javier...actually both are worth the visit :) Friday we enjoyed a lunch at one of our new favorites-the Elephant Deli in downtown P-Town. When my mom was here she said it reminded her of the delis in Europe. They have various "stations" with all different sorts of food; one has soups, another hot entrees, a salad case, and my favorite, the dessert area :) After we enjoyed a lunch in the beautiful Portland sunshine (yes the sun was out that day and it was GORGEOUS!!), we dropped Ali off at work and I visited Rice Studio Supply. It was cool visiting one of the suppliers from whom I order so many things. That evening Nicola's was the place we chose for dinner. I think Nicola's was the first restaurant Ali took me to the first time I visited her her freshman year. FABULOUS italian food!!! Usually it's packed and the wait can be as long as an hour, but with graduation being last week most of the students have left the area. Ali usually orders one of the calzones (about the size of a nerf football!), so that is definitely a recommendation if you ever visit the University of Portland area. Before we went to dinner, though, Ali was proud to show Aunt Pam where Ali has four of the most important years of her life. It was fun to show her around the campus and actually a learning experience for Ali and me as well.
During the campus tour, there is a memorial near the middle of campus called "The Praying Hands Memorial/The Broken Wall Monument". It's a monument that is dedicated to fallen soldiers of all the wars since WWI. We had always seen this from a distance, but upon closer inspection we found out the true meaning behind it. Every brick represents a soldier who went to serve in the war. The bricks with the soldiers names are for a particular soldier who lost his life. Click on the photo of the plaque to read how it came about; it's an interesting story. It really was a moving tribute and something quite special. Just goes to show you that something can be right under your nose, but you don't always see it. On the tour we took along Sammy. Sammy is the little black dog my mom bought for auntie and I to take on various adventures. He came along to P-Town with us and I think I'll be sending him to Europe with Cassie next month and we'll take him to Hawaii in August. It's fun to take it on vacation and document his travels. Strange? Yes, I know, but if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know my family is full of a bunch of kooks...but they're MY kooks :)

Yesterday morning we got to visit Ali's friend Katie and her mom Pat. You may remember Katie from her engagement photos with Stephen a few months back. Ali will be a bridesmaid in her wedding in August and I'll be photographing it. Our family is looking forward to sharing this time with the Klennas and it will be the last time the two families are together for a while. Rose's served us up a yummy breakfast and because it was so delicious and we were so full I don't think we ate again until about 4:00! :) Last night was the highlight of all the restaurants we're taking Aunt Pam too...Papa Haydn's!!! Oh, WOW it was crowded, but well worth the usual!!!

Well, today is Mother's Day and it was AMAZING!! The day began with Katie calling me at 8:00 this morning to wish me a great day before we went to church with Ali. After mass my daughter took us to Stepping Stone Cafe for a wonderful brunch. Because auntie and I both love butterscotch lifesavers, Ali put a roll of them in each of the cards she got us :) After a little shopping to walk off our brunch we went and had pedicures and then went to Saint Cupcake for a special little treat. Normally I get to spend Mom's Day with all my girls because Ali is usually home from Portland at this point. However, because she's staying up here until August I had to be away from a couple of my girls today. Although I absolutely missed being with Katie and Cassie today, it was really an unforgettable day spending it with my oldest daughter and my auntie (one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world). We went to Beaches in Vancouver tonight for dinner and we had a delicious seafood meal...except auntie and I weren't allowed to eat anything until Ali took our picture in the hats our waiter brought over...uggghhhhh Well, unfortunately, we have to leave tomorrow. Ali is not looking forward to it, but it will be a busy week for her. She's in the process of moving out of the house where she's spent the last year and moving into a house where she'll be sharing a room with a friend for the next few months until she moves back home. I feel like all I've done for the last five years is move her in and out of her living space :) Porland is such a fun place to be. Downtown Portland is so eclectic. There are unique clothing stores, foods from just about every nationality, various coffee shops. jewelry stores, etc. I never know what I'm going to run into. Just look at the horse that was hitched up at the curb :)

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