Sunday, July 20, 2008

A bride, a groom and a brother

Courtney and Nick's wedding was yesterday at Lake Natoma Inn. You may remember that I photographed the two of them, and their little boy Braden, last year. Well, almost a year later their big day finally arrived!!! Although I should have been a little tired from Amy and Patrick's wedding the night before, I was riding on the incredible high of photographing their wedding and the realization that I'd be at my home away from home for Courtney and Nick's special day. Braden's mommy's and daddy's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! In the majority of the weddings I photograph the groomsmen wear black tuxes. It was awesome to photograph all these men in their khaki colored suits. With the pink ties it was really pretty. Speaking of pink, it was definitely the color for the day. Although pink was the accent color of my Friday wedding with brown being the main color, yesterday brown was the accent color with pink being EVERYWHERE :) Courtney LOVES pink and with her mother-in-law's interior decorating experience they made LNI look like it never has before. They put a lot of thought into all the little touches and it was extraordinary!

Back to the title of this post...The best man was Courtney's brother, Trevor. Trevor and Nick have been best friends for a dozen or so years. During the toast Trevor told us about how his mom and encouraged him to invite Courtney to hang out with him and his friends. Well, in a very short amount of time Courtney and Nick became "an item". Little Braden game along and naturally, so did the wedding. I was very moved by the toasts last night, especially by the dads. I don't know when I've seen two men more in love with a little boy as I did them with their grandson. Braden is absoultely the apple of EVERYONE'S eye in that family!
I wish this family all the best and I KNOW their best days are ahead!!


AB said...

Beautiful! You really captured the love you can see those two have for each other- even though I've never met them. That little boy is SO adorable!! And you sure have done a lot of pink weddings lately! I love the pic of her behind with her arms around him looking up at him.

Courtney said...

I LOVE the pictures! You did an AMAZING job! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

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