Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A morning with the teachers

This morning I had an engagement session with Natasha and Jeremy. Their wedding won't be taking place until next June, but because they're moving to Oklahoma we wanted to do their photos as soon as possible. I don't remember the last time I spent 2 1/2 hours doing an engagement session (hmmm, not sure I ever have :). Natasha and Jeremy are both teachers...surprise, surprise at how well we hit it off ;) Natasha just graduated and spent the summer teaching summer school (as Ali and I have often referred to it as "boot camp for teachers") Natasha teaches K/1 and Jeremy is a PE teacher. I think by the end of the morning, the photos were just a small portion of what we "accomplished". A HUGE part of getting great photographs is getting to know my clients; and I DEFINITELY did that!! The two of them are so open, fun, energetic and...did I mention, FUN?! Because they're Cal Bear football fans, they wanted to wear their Cal shirts. I knew a trip to the high school football field would be in order. In talking to them about what they wanted their photos to look like they wanted some "non-traditional" photos. We went to the football field, the train tracks, an alley, and the streets of downtown Lincoln.

After we waited around for the 10:20 train (that finally came through at 10:40), we headed over to one of the local coffee shops. We sat down and had some iced tea/coffee and really got to know each other. Natasha is just a few years older than Ali, so it was easy for me to relate to her. Sometimes while I'm sitting around trying to get to know my clients (especially the "younger ones") I always FEEL like I'm relating to my peers, but then I realize that I'm an "old woman" compared to most of my couples :) While we were talking the subject of music came up. Jeremy told me how much he likes '70s music-YEA JEREMY!!!!! We talked about The Eagles (MY favorite group), the Stones, etc.; the new Batman movie and the effects of a dark movie like that; their move to Oklahoma, and just about anything else we could think of. I could have spent all day with the two of them; however, I needed to get home and see what sort of images we got!! :)

Natasha and Jeremy, I had SO much fun with the two of you and CANNOT WAIT until next June when we do get to spend the day together. I'm excited about meeting your families and hearing all about your new lives in the midwest! Thanks for sitting around with an "old woman" for a couple of hours and letting me get to know the two of you a little. I know when we talked about music today, "Chicago" didn't come up. Although, Jeremy, when I saw the photos and how you look at Natasha, I knew this was the PERFECT song for your slideshow!


AB said...

Love those pictures!! That couple is so cute- I love teachers. Man, Lincoln must have felt that two movie stars were being photographed- you went everywhere! They both have beautiful smiles and look like such genuine people. That train swooshing shot is awesome and I love the coffee shop ones and the one in front of the town square.

Doonie53 said...

Love all of the photos. They were very original and creative, which I just love. I am the mother of the bride. I feel very blessed to have Debbie as out photography for the weding. Your work is Fantastic!!

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