Monday, July 14, 2008

Got out of the smoke for the weekend

I hope you'll agree, this is one of the most beautiful bridal portraits I've posted!

It's always nice to venture out of one's own backyard; especially when it involves getting out of the smoke filled air I've been breathing for the last week or two. Friday morning I headed out of town and made my way down to the bay area. After making a few stops I reached my destination of Gilroy mid afternoon. It's always great to go to Gilroy because that means I get to stay with my aunt and uncle. Friday night I tagged along with the two of them and their best friends, Harold and Donna, to hear some classic rock and roll in the streets of Morgan Hill. I guess every summer they have a music series on this one street and people just come with their lawn chairs and sit and enjoy the music, or maybe even get up and dance in the street. So, as my auntie dragged me on the street the five of us danced for a couple of hours and we had a great time!!

Saturday morning was a time to sit and relax for a couple of hours until I headed down the street to Sherell's mom's house. I actually have a personal connection to this couple. Sherell's mom and late dad are good friends of my aunt and uncle's and it was fun to be able to work with a family I've known for many years. Once the girls got ready-not sure why hairdressers and makeup artists always run so late ;) we left in the limo around 2:00 and headed to the ceremony site. Sherell and Dustin were married at Corde Valle, a relatively recent addition to the countryside there.
Sherell was one of the most beautiful brides I've photographed. What makes it so easy to work with her is that she feels completely comfortable in front of the camera! The wedding could not have been more beautiful and the venue was SPECTACULAR!! The wedding was elegant, tasteful, and FUN!!!! This group sure does love to dance!! Because Sherell and Dustin knew it was going to be hot they had parasouls for all the guests to have during the ceremony...and they made for some great photos!! Sherell's mom walked her down the aisle, but in her bouquet there was a small framed photo of Sherell's dad; in the empty seat next to her mom, a yellow rose was placed there to honor her dad. I know Sam would have been very proud of his daughter on Saturday!
(Here's a couple photos of two of my favorite people in the world!!! Sorry, if it seems a little self-indulgent, but my mommy asked me to post these :)

After all the formal photos after the ceremony we headed to the cocktail hour and reception. As I said, this group is all about FUN! The toasts were hilarous, the food was delicious and the dancefloor was packed most of the evening. I can't wait to share their photos with you, so enjoy the slideshow. The song was their first dance song. Feel free to leave a comment for them to enjoy before they take off on their honeymoon on Friday!


DMC said...

WOW, I feel like I was just part of a Fairy Tale wedding!

Congratulations you guys!!!


AB said...

Love, love, love the pics! That venue looks amazing! And the parasol pic with their shadows is super cool- I just saw some pics of a UP alum that had parasols too. I especially love the pic of You, Aunt Pam and your FANNY PACK!! Haha, and the pic of Uncle Bob being a maniac on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

So a work folk here, but just wanted to tell you -- your wedding looked just amazing, so beautiful and elegant and what a beautiful bride. The pictures truly are magnificent. Looks like it was a glorious day. We hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and many many years together in happiness, Congrats -- Joanne (Van HR)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple and all of it was captured forever in the beautiful photography.


Auntie Pam

Claire said...

OMG beautiful venue! pure class! and looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Simply Amazing!

Denise Alioto said...

Debbie, what a fantastic job! Thank you for capturing everything so beautifully!

Rella, I don't know how I did it, but I made it through the wedding without blubbering like a baby... but I didn't make it through the pictures! So, so beautiful! Congratulations!
Love, Blondie

Anonymous said...

Sherell & Debbie,
In spite of my obvious family attachments, I think this is the best photography, wedding or otherwise, that I have ever seen. You just keep getting better, Debbie. The truth also includes some exceptional subjects, Sherell and Dustin.

Oh, I did have just as much fun as depicted in "dancing maniac" photo.

Uncle Bob

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