Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Living in a cloud

Anyone from northern California has been experiencing the effects of the wildfires we've had for the last several weeks. A few weeks ago the state had over 1,300 fires going on. Now those fires are down to about 350, but some of them are even more catastrophic than the previous ones. My heart goes out, especially, to those citizens of Paradise. Butte county fires is what is contributing to the awful air quality here in Lincoln (and all around Sacramento). It's not a pretty site, but for all my stalkers out there (especially my daughter) I wanted to show you what the air has looked like the last couple of days. I took this photo about 7:15 tonight, normally still quite light out this time of year. To imagine what it's like around here, picture yourself being downwind of a smokey campfire. The kind where it just puts a haze over everything and the smell of the burning wood penetrates your nose and you seem to smell it for days, even after you've long since left the campground.
I pray these fires are extinguished soon before anymore lives and homes are lost!

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AB said...

That looks so freaky!! Just like you said.

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