Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to reality

Ahhh, the tradewinds, sea and sand of Maui are a distant memory for us now. We've been home for almost a week and settled back into our daily routines. I hit the ground running with work first thing the next morning, Cassie started school last week, Katie started school yesterday and Ali has begun subbing (hopefully these darn budgets will get straightened out soon, so she can get hired as a fulltime teacher).

I am just now getting around to posting a slideshow. I've been working on the photos bit by bit, but as usual I wanted to find just the right song; I think I found a couple ;) You'll know why I selected the songs when you hear them! As the girls get older these times are even more important to us and I try to savor them as much as possible. I have always loved being a mom and enjoy all the time I spend with Louie and the girls, but as the years go by relishing these moments are what I live for. I think one of the reasons I love these times with the five of us so much, is that the girls still love doing "family things". I always feared when they got older they wouldn't want to hang around their "old parents". One of the things we love to do is play games. In Maui we played cards a couple of nights. I taught Louie and the girls a card game my family used to play when I was a kid. I couldn't quite remember all the rules, but thanks to the internet, I was able to refresh my memory on how to play "31". We had a lot of fun that night!!

The Saturday after we got home the girls made us brunch-they even bought the ingredients themselves :) to thank us for taking them to Hawaii. Mmmm, mmmm, the banana crepes were fantastic!!!!

I don't even know the last time we took a vacation where we didn't go, go, go all the time. This trip to Maui was PERFECT!! We didn't pack it full of activities. Instead, we took it easy and enjoyed the time with each other.
Enjoy the slideshow :)

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