Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The three Rs

Rest, relaxation and lots and lots of reading!! That's about all we've done here on Maui. I started, and finished, a 650 page book in four days; Ali has read four books and Katie is beginning her third! We have had SO much fun. We were at the little restaurant at our resort the other day and when we left the hostess said to us "You're such a happy little family. You laugh all the time!" :) I'm embarrassed to say I brought my laptop and thought if we were sitting around I might do a little work. I'm happy to say I actually haven't done any work, not even on the plane! I guess everyone needs a vacation away from work ;)
Today is our last day on this beautiful island, so I thought I'd post a couple of pics I did the other day. I brought my "work" camera and tripod, so that I could do some new portraits of us. Since Ali has lost so much weight since our family portraits last year we wanted to take some new ones.
I'll post a slideshow in a couple of days when we get home...for now-ALOHA!!!

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