Monday, September 29, 2008

This is what happens when I leave to photograph a wedding!

So I got home from my wedding Saturday night around 10:00 to find Louie, the girls and Nick (Katie's boyfriend) hanging out in the familyroom. I sat down for a few minutes so I could fill them in on the goings on at the wedding. A short time later I went upstairs to begin loading the images on the computer and to get out of my work clothes (I have a feeling the minute I walked upstairs they started secretly laughing at me :). I turned on the bathroom light to find GRAFFITI ON ALL THE MIRRORS IN THE ROOM (and we have quite a few of them)!!!!!! As I was reading them, tears are rolling down my face because I was laughing so hard. Louie heard me laughing and he said "Ali, mom must have gone into the bathroom".

The girls rotate every third weekend to clean the bathrooms. Well, this weekend was Ali's turn. She remembered about the messages she and her dorm mates left for each other when she was in college and thought it would be funny.

Hopefully the photos will give you an idea of what I walked into. I put a piece of foam core up on some of them so you could read them (click on the photos to enlarge them)

Louie's been working out lately so he's been losing weight. She thought she'd give her dad a little inspiration...

There was no towel on the hand towel rack so she wrote "Your towel has moved to Canada. Please replace it". I have a flower pot sitting on the vanity with things (not flowers) in it (next to it is an antique vase of flowers). Over the non flower filled pot she wrote "Unacceptable, flower pots are for flowers" and over the vase she wrote "these are flowers"

I found out the next morning that she wrote messages on her sisters' bathroom mirror as well (Over the toothbrush holder was "Brush your teeth or boys won't kiss you", "Did you spit H2O on the mirror?"-in reference to the splashed water spots on the mirror"

I'm STILL finding new messages... yesterday I went to use the magnification of my wall mirror and when I flipped it over it said "You're beautiful".

THIS IS WHAT I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT MY FAMILY!!!!! WE ARE ALWAYS LAUGHING AND PLAYING JOKES ON EACH OTHER. I can't wait to see what happens the next time the bathroom gets cleaned! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
That was so cute. I wish I had been there to see and experience all the fun. Keep the laughter coming......

Love to you all,

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