Saturday, October 04, 2008

Learning to deal with the unexpected

Something that all people, especially those that are married :), should learn is be ready to deal with the unexpected. This was part of homily the Father gave at Sylvia and Matt's wedding on yesterday. I'm not sure if someone was teaching them an early lesson, but it was very appropriate because minutes before the homily, Sylvia fainted! YES, fainted!!!! However, it was the most graceful fall I've ever seen :) It was getting fairly warm in the church and with the stress of the wedding day I guess it just got to her. Within a minute or so she was back up and ready to finish the ceremony!
Other than this small hiccup in the day, everything else was perfect!! This was a really fun wedding for me because everything took place in Lincoln. I LOVE doing Lincoln weddings because of the sense of community in this town. Sylvia and Matt went to the high school and are both long time Lincoln residents. In fact, I think that maybe about half of "old Lincoln" may have been invited to the wedding :) Well, I know that's a slight exaggeration, although with 400 people in attendance you can get an idea of the enormity of the guest list.
Sylvia and Matt were SO MUCH FUN!!! Between the bridesmaids, groomsmen and kids, there were 26 people in the wedding party...and this wedding party was game for anything! It's always fun for me when I can get a group of people to have fun with whatever idea might strike me at any given moment.
Although things ran a little late at the beginning of the day, Sylvia was soon on cloud nine (even more so than earlier), because a "little blue box" was delivered to her. Now, I'm sure all the ladies reading this will understand what the little blue box means...none other than TIFFANY'S!!! Matt bought her a beautiful diamond bracelet for her to wear on their big day. When I asked her what she got her handsome groom she replied "a gun safe" :)
I photographed Sylvia's brother's wedding shortly after I moved to Lincoln and was very flattered when Sylvia and Matt asked me to capture their big day. It was fun seeing her family again and getting to know Matt's family...including his new niece who was a whopping five days old!!!!
I really hope you enjoy looking at their images as much as I enjoyed taking them! The wedding season is winding down and this wedding was full of opportunities and fun!! Be sure to leave the happy couple a comment!


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