Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Can!

Whomever you voted for today, you voted for an historical candidate; whether it be a candidate who would provide us the first woman vice president, or a candidate who would be the first black president of our country. As my family and I sat here tonight, fixated on the coverage on a couple of our favorite news channels, we just kept talking about how surreal this all seemed. It's almost sad to say that this entire experience should seem surreal. Should it be a foreign idea that a black man, or even a woman for that matter, be elected to the highest office in our country? Should race have even been an issue in this election? As I saw the presidential collage that ABC put up with Obama in the middle of our past 43 leaders, it was poignant to recognize that twelve of those former presidents were slave owners. It's emotional to realize how far our country has come...
Misty brought Carson and Mackenzie over here to watch the coverage shortly after the momentous announcement was made. As I watched this 7 and 10 year old, I wondered if they really understood how important November 4, 2008 would be to our history? As you can see from these photos, I have some ardent young democrats (actually all three of them are, but I didn't get a photo of Katie). I'm glad that Ali and Katie were able to have a voice on this particular day and I know this is something they'll remember the rest of their lives. Although, Cass is only 17 and wasn't able to vote, she is definitely forming her own opinions about politics and is becoming passionate about her beliefs. I hope that our new president will pull our country back to the respected place we once held in the world. Time will tell, but I hope our country's creed holds true...Yes We Can!

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