Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tis the season

No, not that season :) ... WEDDING SEASON!!! I photographed my first session of the year last week when I met Julie's husband and their new son, Troy. Julie and Mike were married last year and I'm photographing their wedding reception next month. We wanted to wait until after the baby was born to do their photo session and was I glad we did!!! Troy is SO adorable!!! Each time I get around a little one it makes me remember the days when my three girls were infants. When you have a baby it's so difficult to imagine what they'll be like at various ages.
When I arrived at their beautiful home Julie was busy with the baby, so Mike and I had an opportunity to chat a bit. He's in the Air Force and has been to the Middle East twice. Although he didn't give me details of his tours (and I didn't ask), it was so interesting hearing about some of the things he told me. One of the things we chatted about was how his mom felt each time he had to leave. She told him she didn't sleep through the night once while he was gone. He said he didn't really understand how she felt, but now that he's a dad he has a different perspective (hmmm, I think that tends to happen to all of us once we become a parent) :0). I love this photo of Julie's two guys together...don't you think they have the same expression on their faces?
Julie said she's been really tired, but loving being a mom. It's great that the three of them are home together and that (hopefully) Mike won't have to leave again. I can't wait to photograph their reception next month. Weddings are always a celebration, but when the bride or groom has been fighting in the war it's always that much sweeter!

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