Friday, January 23, 2009

Childhood sweethearts

I met with Margo and Devin last week and am so excited that they asked me to photograph their May wedding!! The three of us laughed so much at the consultation and then at the engagement session. When we first chatted I let them know how important it was for them to be relaxed and themselves at the session. I guess Devin took me at my word, because I don't think he could have been more relaxed...just look at how much fun he was having in front of the camera-quite the ham! :0) Margo is so easy going in front of the camera and is really gorgeous. I asked her if she's done any modeling (I thought for sure she had), but she said "No, I'm just an only child of a mom who loves to take pictures". :)
One of the things that I thought was so cute about this couple is the fact that they've known each other since they were five years old. How cute is that!? Margo was telling me that she's an only child while Devin has a bunch of brothers and sisters.
One of the other unique things about this couple is that Devin's parents are pastors and they will be officiating the ceremony. In fact, his mom is the one who baptised Margo.
We got so many fun photos of the two of them that I decided to put a collage together. If you are having a difficult time seeing any of the photos, just click on the collage to see it larger.
Margo and Devin, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding. I can't wait to work at the country club and share the day with all your friends and family. I KNOW the two of you will be a ton of fun to work with and can't wait!!!!!

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