Friday, February 06, 2009

Two months to go!

Last week I photographed Tabitha and her fiance Ken. Tabitha is one of my LNI brides and love this couple. When I met Tabitha a couple of months ago we were chatting and she told me that she and Ken met each other in Las Vegas. Ken is in the Air Force and Tabitha has recently completed her military career. I briefly met Ken at a tasting at LNI a few weeks ago, but really had an opportunity to get to know him. What a GREAT guy!! He was so relaxed in front of the camera and has a very easy going manner about him. Tabitha looked so beautiful and was just glowing. I could tell how comfortable she felt in the arms of her guy and with the engagement photos being as gorgeous as they are, I have no doubt their April wedding images are going to be spectacular!!!!

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