Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another one of my birds exploring outside of the nest

I've created this post with my mom in mind. She has been so excited for Katie and yesterday was the long awaited day in our family--Katie moved to Sac State! Because there was a mixup at Sierra JC, she ended up staying there a semester longer than she was supposed to. Wrestlessness is an understatement for the way Katie's been feeling for the last semester. She has been SO ready to move away from home and begin her "real" college experience. The experience of moving her to college was VERY different from when we moved Ali to school. For one thing, I had a better idea what to expect in regards to what Katie was going to need. Another contrast between the girls was that Katie is a mid-year transfer, which meant her roommate has already been there for a semester. We were so excited that Katie's dorm buddy, Aris, was there when we arrived. It was such a relief to all of us when we saw her smiling face and we realized what a great partner she's hopefully going to be for Katie. Aris is a double major (fine arts and english), so Ali and I instantly had something in common with her; when she saw Cassie's "Jo-Bros" shirt, she went crazy; AND we found out that there are a lot of people in Aris' family who are diabetics-which made me feel a little more relaxed. I understand that Katie and her new friend stayed up late last night chatting and getting to know each other. The quilt you see behind Kate is what my mom made for her when she graduated high school. I've been saving the girls' clothes for years with the idea that we would make a quilt. On Ali's and Katie's quilts I have clothes from some of my favorite outfits they wore as babies and toddlers. Katie has hearts where friends and family wrote messages to her when she graduated. She is so excited to be able to finally use it at college!

To celebrate her first night at college we met Louie for dinner and we enjoyed a meal at Johnny Rockets. They've definitely updated their menu to be more healthy, because they now serve turkey burgers and boca burgers. This restaurant has a really special meaning for the girls, because when we lived in San Jose, Louie used to take them there for dinner a lot when I was working in the evenings.
Please send some prayers and good thoughts Katie's way that she gets acclimated to her new surroundings quickly and that she can manage her blood sugars and stay healthy. It was so nice giving her a hug and a kiss good-bye knowing that she's only a 45 minute drive away!
On another note-a couple people have been wanting to see some recent photos of Harper, so I thought I'd put up a couple photos of her from yesterday. She LOVES being outside, rain or shine, and yesterday was no exception. With Katie and I being a little preoccupied getting the car loaded, Harper decided to take the opportunity to play in all the wet leaves and dirt and here is the result!

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