Monday, June 08, 2009

What a couple!

Today was Colleen and Stan's engagement photos. Colleen is friends with Christina and Anne (two of my brides from last year), and I have been so excited about this session. Colleen's dream guy is Stan and he's newly transplanted here from Nigeria. For the last six months, everytime Colleen would send me an email, she'd send me a little message from Stan. So, by the time I met him today, I felt like I already knew him! What a CHARACTER!!!! This man is so easy going, gentle, thoughtful and kind-not to mention handsome :) Within 10 minutes of taking photos it was obvious how in love he is with Colleen...what a lucky, lucky girl!!!!! I met Colleen in January at the bridal show and we hit it off immediately! In fact, the night she came to my house, the family was home (and Rachel was here as well), and we all fell in love with this bride!
After portraits, we decided to go to lunch at Simple Pleasures in Lincoln. This is my favorite sandwich shop and I wanted to share this little Lincoln gem with my new friends. If you ever have a chance to go there, the steak sandwiches are a must! Ali and Cassie came with us today, and the five of us had a wonderful time chatting about the differences in the American and Nigerian cultures and wedding plans. I felt like I was having lunch with old friends and I coudn't think of a better way to spend three hours!!
Colleen and Stan, thanks for coming out in the midst of all that you have to do. I know this is a tremendously busy week for you! I had the best time getting to know more about you both and laughing the entire time!! Just thinking about your session today is putting a smile on my face!

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Colleen said...

Thanks so much Debbie! Stan and I had a blast with you and your daughters that day! You are a wonderful family!
See you in a few weeks for the wedding. We can't wait!
Colleen & Stan

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