Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little rain, but a lot of happiness

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Friday was Natasha and Jeremy's wedding. I'm sure planning a California wedding from Oklahoma couldn't have been an easy task, but the end result was spectacular! It rained briefly about an hour before we began photos and began to rain again five minutes after we finished photos-what great timing! I met Natasha and Jeremy about a year ago and they were anxious to do their engagement session because they moved to the Sooner State late last summer. This is such a cute couple and I remember we spent a good two or three hours doing their session. We had a chance to get to know each other over coffee and it was a great morning. After remembering my conversation from them back then, I shouldn't have been surprised their that first dance song was "Faithfully" by Journey (if you remember my post of their engagement session you'll remember that Jeremy loves '70s music).

It's been a while since I photographed a bride and groom who were both only children. Although they don't have traditional siblings, these two have so many friends who I know they think of as their brothers and sisters. What a wonderful wedding party I had the opportunity to get to know Friday evening. I was smiling to myself all day, because usually when I'm addressed at a wedding it's "hey, photographer; camera lady, picture lady", etc (although I answer to anything and those names usually put a smile on my face as well). I don't think there was one member of the wedding party who I didn't have a conversation with and they all remembered my name-this was quite a fun, friendly and polite group of young people! :) The ceremony was very special because Jeremy's dad had the honor of performing it. Near the end his dad got quite emotional, but made it through!

Natasha and Jeremy, you knew how much I was looking forward to your big day, and it certainly didn't disappoint. You two are one of my favorite couples of all time and I have loved getting to know you both. Your families are great, and your friends have brought you through so much and I know will continue to be there to support you-even if it is long distance :) Although you're in Oklahoma, I hope you will make it back to California and I'll be be able to photograph all the little ones in your future :)

Enjoy their slideshow and leave them some great comments!

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Anonymous said...

A little rain before the ceremony, but not during; some sprinkles before the reception but not until the outdoor photography of the Bride & Groom was complete; a blessed wedding ceremony with a special, personal touch, an amazing reception that was all it should be and more - a perfect day!
These photographs truly reflect that.
Jeremy & Natasha, The Lord has blessed you both and your marriage. May He always watch over you and protect you as you walk in His Light, as Man & Wife.

God Bless you both,
Hugs & Kisses, too,
Kim & Missy Vigil

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